2019 Vegetable Crop

Vegetables are available in singles, 4 packs and 6 packs.  Cucumbers and Squash come in peat pots that you can plant directly into the ground.

Available In Singles
Broccoli, Green MagicYes
Broccoli, PackmanYes
Brussel Sprouts, Diablo
Cabbage, Cairo/Red ExpressYes
Cabbage, GonzalosYes
Cabbage, StoneheadYes
Cabbage, Tropic GiantYes
Cauliflower, AmazingYes
Cauliflower, Snow CrownYes
Eggplant, Black BeautyYes
Eggplant, NadiaYes
Eggplant, SantanaYes
Pepper, AnaheimYes
Pepper, BananaYes
Pepper, CaballeroYes
Pepper, California WonderYes
Pepper, Cayenne RedYes
Pepper, Early SunsationYes
Pepper, HabaneroYes
Pepper, Jalapeño WhopperYes
Pepper, Jalapeño HotYes
Pepper, Jalapeño Mucho NachoYes
Pepper, King ArthurYes
Pepper, Majestic RedYes
Pepper, Petite CB/Mini BellYes
Pepper, Sweet RainbowYes
Spinach, MalabarYes
Tomatillo, Toma VerdeYes
Tomato, BeefmasterYes
Tomato, Beefy BoyYes
Tomato, Better BoyYes
Tomato, Big BeefYes
Tomato, Big BoyYes
Tomato, CelebrityYes
Tomato, CopiaYes
Tomato, EarlyYes
Tomato, GoliathYes
Tomato, Health KickYes
Tomato, Howard GermanYes
Tomato, Jet StarYes
Tomato, JulietYes
Tomato, PatioYes
Tomato, RomaYes
Tomato, RutgersYes
Tomato, Sun SugarYes
Tomato, Supersweet 100Yes
Tomato, WhopperYes
Tomato, YaquiYes
Acorn SquashYes
Bush CucumberYes
Golden ZuchinniYes
Honey DewYes
National PicklingYes
Spaghetti SquashYes
Straight 8Yes