Vegetables are available mostly in singles and 4 packs.  Cucumbers and Squash come in peat pots that you can plant directly into the ground.

Acorn Squash
Broccoli, Green Magic
Broccoli, Packman
Brussel Sprouts, Jade Cross
Bush Cucumber
Cabbage, Katarina
Cabbage, Red
Cabbage, Stonehead
Cabbage, Tropic Giant
Cauliflower, Amazing
Cauliflower, Snow Crown
Cucumber, National Pickling
Cucumber, Straight 8
Eggplant, Black Beauty
Eggplant, Nadia
Eggplant, Santana
Golden Zuchinni
Honey Dew
Onion Sets
Pepper, Anaheim
Pepper, Banana
Pepper, Caballero
Pepper, California Wonder
Pepper, Cayenne Red
Pepper, Ghost
Pepper, Habanero
Pepper, Jalapeño
Pepper, Jalapeño Mucho Nacho
Pepper, Jalapeño Whopper
Pepper, King Arthur
Pepper, Orange
Pepper, Petite CB/Mini Bell
Pepper, Red
Pepper, Sweet Rainbow
Pepper, Yellow
Pumpkin, Sugar & Field
Spaghetti Squash
Spinach, Malabar
Swiss Chard
Tomatillo, Toma Verde
Tomato, Beefmaster
Tomato, Beefy Boy
Tomato, Better Boy
Tomato, Big Beef
Tomato, Big Boy
Tomato, Celebrity
Tomato, Early
Tomato, Goliath
Tomato, Health Kick
Tomato, Howard German
Tomato, Jet Star
Tomato, Juliet
Tomato, Patio
Tomato, Roma
Tomato, Rutgers
Tomato, Sun Sugar
Tomato, Supersweet 100
Tomato, Whopper
Zucchini, Golden & Green
...Many More Available